Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas

Some say Christmas is for children and I have to totally agree.  Because of the excitement that my nieces and nephews exhibited this year I was able to get into the Christmas spirit regardless of some of the missing pieces (aka dad and Jon).  Trevor is too young to understand what is going on but he understands perfectly how to take ornaments off the tree and play with the santas and snowmen.  

Christmas Eve was spent at Jen's house with a house full of family.  It is such a blessing that extended family can get together and enjoy each others company.  I love being a part of the Kamphoefner and Cochran families.  

For some reason that I have yet to figure out Jen and Allan decided to leave the keyboard upstairs and plugged in (however I think this piece of musical equipment was a wonderful addition to their family).  Trevor and Harper entertained us with their horrendous awesome musical talents.   A big shout out to Jen for getting the microphone out for Trevor.  He needs to have his voice amplified.  NOT!

 The kids were pretty excited to see all the gifts but I have NO idea what they got because they tore through them like a tornado rips through a small town.  (sorry Ann)

 For some reason the song "Sisters" from White Christmas just popped in my head but that isn't right because this is more brother and sister.  But there is no song for that so I will just sing "sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters" to myself anyway.

 Trevor got a Caillou doll from Honey.  He also got a stroller to go push him around in.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

 Anns look says it all

 Now see this stroller is supposed to be for the doll.  However the nutso had a total meltdown, threw the doll out of the stroller and proceeded to sit in the stroll himself.  Of course he is WAY TO BIG for the stroller but he didn't really care.

 Harper was nice enough to try and push him around but his chunky little booty was just a little big.  Like we Didn't see that coming.

 He's like my cat, always playing in the bags.

 Ken and his step-brother Jake playing name that tune.  I'm glad somebody has musical talent in the family.

After Jen's we headed to mom's for a little bit before we went to the Candlelight Service at St. John's.  I have so many memories of going to this service with my family that it has become one of my favorite traditions.  I will say one of my favorite parts of the day was watching Cate check Santa's progress on the NORAD app.  When she found out he was in New York and her eyes closed and her face scrunched up and the pure look of joy on her face will forever be one of my favorite Christmas memories.

 Christmas Morning Trevor woke up in the basement with Cody where the three of them opened his presents from Santa.  All I heard upstairs was Trevor going "ooohhhhh" every couple of seconds.  He gets so excited over everything, it is so much fun.

 He comes trouble

 Animal magnets were a big hit.

 After we opened gifts we headed to Maw Maws (it was such a long walk to get there, didn't think we were ever going to make it)

 Now I will give a big shout out to my mom for buying Trevor a microphone.  Lucky for me it will be staying at her house.  Here that mom, it STAYS AT YOUR HOUSE!

 Santa brought Cate some very fashionable glasses

 I said earlier that Christmas is for children.  It is also for my mother, who gets great joy out of driving Ben and Brady crazy with her Christmas presents.  This year she got them ice skates but only wrapped one skate.  They opened them and looked at her like there were being punked.  She acted perfect and had them convinced the company only shipped the one skate.  It wasn't till all the other presents were opened that they found the missing skates.  Mom thought she was hysterical, but the boys think she is craaaaazzzzyyyy.  Gotta love my family!

 See that cute cart?  Another Trevor meltdown because for some reason he thinks he can fit in the little bitty car and go for a ride.  He was not happy when he could only get his calf in there.  Looks like grandma will be buying a Cozy Coupe car this spring.

 Finally a book Carter can read

Cate told Uncle Kenny that she wanted a bike for Christmas.  For some reason Ken told her ok and that is what she talked about all month.  Half way through opening gifts (I was the present passer outer so I made sure we went nice and slow and everyone got to see what everyone got) she looked at me and said "I haven't opened a gift from you guys yet".  Now with all the gifts she opened how she could remember who she got what from amazes me.  So Uncle Kenny went and got her bike and we had one happy girl on our hands!

My Christmas was a happy Christmas.  Maybe because I was so busy doing things with my family.  It was terrible not having Jon and dad here (and the smoke coming from the kitchen when the men were making breakfast can attest to that) but I dealt with it ok and knowing Jon was with his friends made it a little easier.  Hopefully next year he will be home where he belongs.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Boo and Barb

Sunday the 22nd of December we headed to the farm to see Butch and Barb and celebrate Christmas with them.  We had a wonderful dinner and had a lot of fun watching the horses and sitting around talking.
 This is one of my favorite pictures this season so far.  Trevor was fascinated by the horses that were just outside the window.  The horses stayed up by the house the whole time we were there so all Trevor had to do was walk to the window to check them out.  

 Alan trying to get Trevor to give him a kiss.  Yea right. 

 Nice try Boo but he doesn't do laps.

 But he will try and call people on my phone.

 Trevor gets a little confused as to what is a horse and what is a dog.  

 After we opened presents we went outside to feed the horses.  The kids had more fun playing in the back of the truck than messing with the animals.

 Barb always makes sure that Delaney has a special moment to celebrate her birthday.  She gets her own chair and we sing while she blows out her candles.  Barb is very good about making Delaney feel special.

 Trevor pulled a Delaney and ate off everyone's plates.  Delaney's first Christmas Eve is still one of my favorite memories.

 Somebody wanted her picture taken!

Trevor wanted nothing to do with getting on Buck so he went back inside and continued to ride Mickey.

Merry Christmas Butch and Barb!  Thanks for another great day at the farm!!!